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Labour Market Analysis

 ABOUT ALBIZ Foundation

ALBIZ Foundation is one of the leading non-profit foundations based on social economy model, advancing social entrepreneurship, particularly to vulnerable groups located. Our mission is strengthening, advancing the society, as well as promoting values ​​through support and creation of opportunities. Our vision is to create a sustainable society for future generations. Our values are: correctness, professionalism, accountability, transparency & accountability; equal access and effective/partnership.


ALBIZ Foundation was founded by the business sector to increase social accountability of the businesses; increase philanthropy; and social investments in area of education, culture and local socio-economic development.

ALBIZ Foundation and its regional partners are implementing a 36 months’ project “EU-IMPACT-WB” funded by the European Union. The EU-IMPACT-WB is a partnership with five additional partners from the region that seeks to enhance employment and (social) entrepreneurship for young people in five Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, N. Macedonia and Serbia). ALBIZ Foundation is the implementing organization in N. Macedonia but works very closely with its partners through activities that link youth to economic opportunities.

[Describe overview of job missioIn line with activities foreseen in the project, ALBIZ Foundation invites bids from the qualified individual professionals, a groups of consultants and/or consulting firms to conduct Labour Market Analysis in N. Macedonia and publish a Labour Market Analysis Report which will be in service for the all relevant stakeholders but in particular it should serve as a guiding tool to the youth in N. Macedonia in order to assist them to be better positioned in the current rather complex Labour Market.


KILM 1. Labour force participation rate

KILM 2. Employment-to-population ratio

KILM 3. Status in employment

KILM 4. Employment by sector

KILM 5. Employment by occupation

KILM 6. Part-time workers

KILM 7. Hours of work

KILM 8. Employment in the informal economy

KILM 9. Unemployment

KILM 10. Youth unemployment

KILM 11. Long-term unemployment

KILM 12. Time-related underemployment

KILM 13. Persons outside the labour force

KILM 14. Educational attainment and illiteracy

KILM 15. Wages and compensation costs

KILM 16. Labour productivity

KILM 17. Poverty, income distribution, employment by economic class and working poverty


The Service Provider it is expected to be engaged in first week of July 2019. The Labour Market Analysis Report (in English) should be completed on or before September 15th 2019. The service provider will present the result of the analysis at a conference, as instructed by ALBIZ Foundation.

The bids/offers must be delivered in closed envelopes to the following address: Foundation for Development of Education and Culture Albiz, Str. 20, No. 97, Saraj, 1000 Skopje, N. Macedonia, by June 28th 2019, 16:30hrs. If you have any questions please contact us at The last date for questions/clarifications is June 24th 2019.

The tender dossier is available here: Tender Dossier